August 7, 2013 – Roses from Paris in Fairfax

When Bo and I were on our morning walk we saw that our neighbor Adrienne who is a florist was tossing a bunch of roses because they weren’t fresh enough. I realized they were the same *exact* variety that I saw and then painted from a flower stall in Paris! Fun!

Blossoming Hope in Haircolor Training Center

This is from my uncle who is one of the foremost teachers of haircolor in the country: “If its possible your work keeps getting better. Your picture I have hanging in the training center. We have a lot of people going in and out, all love the painting. It puts a smile on their faces when they see the painting and gives the room a glow and a calming effect.”

September 7 – Blossoming Hope back home for a visit

I’ve given this to Mom and Dad. They let me show it at the Sausalito Festival. It’s home with us for a bit – looks nice above the fireplace. I’d forgotten how it glows in person.

Radiance – the original painting now lives in Australia!

Life in Full Color is fully international!

Macarons next to a Thiebaud!

In a hot pink frame, no less!

Blossoming Hope at the Sequoias in San Francisco

Apple Blossom Spring at the Sequoias in San Francisco

Rhododendron Raindrops

Mid-Summer Zin on the Mendocino Coast

Persimmon Rain

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